My goals for you are to to create an increased brand awareness for more and better visibility plus increased sales on the German market – stand out  from the competition and create a deeper connetion with your German audience with tailored texts.

My name is Carolin Haase and I am a German native Graduate translator with a Diploma in Translation from Humboldt Universität Berlin.

  • Over 15 Years in the industry
  • Translations and transcreations for major international clients
  • 10 years as an assistant in a design and carpentry firm
  • 6 years as a Tour Guide and Interpreter for a NGO
  • 3 years in the visitor service of a German Government Body

I translate and transcreate from English, Spanish and Portuguese into German, and I optimise and revise already translated texts.

My main specialisations are travel & tourism and fashion & beauty, and I also work in design & interiors and language & literature.

I am a keen gardener and foodie, so theses topics are also of great interest to me.

As a tourism and travel translator I strive to create engaging texts that make your clients want to discover what you have to offer.

As a fashion & cosmetics transcreator my texts can be creative, precise, engaging and fun – depending on your needs, your range of products and how you would like to present your business.

For fashion magazine translations I prefer to work closely with the editor to tailor my transcreation to thetarget audience.

For over ten years I worked as an assistant in a design and carpentry firm helping with project management. Through my work I was able to gain valuable knowledge about design, materials, construction and interior furnishings.

Additionally, I translated a series of three books about architecture and interiors from English and Spanish to German.

As a tour guide and interpreter I gained in-depth knowledge about the architecture and history of Berlin.

Previous to my qualification as a translator I studied German and Spanish languages and literatures which provided me with invaluable knowledge and understanding in the areas of linguistics, philology and literature.